Want to start using food to fuel your body instead of deal with your feelings?
Tap into WILLPOWER you didn't
even know you had!
10 easy exercises to stregthen your "willpower muscle."
Simple ways to avoid
"willpower fatigue.
Better understand how your brain actually works during a craving!
Hi! I'm Sara Best.

I joke that I'm the "Nutritionist who never talks about food" because what I do is help my clients figure out the WHY...

WHY can't I just stay on track with healthy eating? WHY do I feel like the food is always in control? WHY can't I just say "no"?

By combining the latest in neuroscience and food psychology, with the ancient and spiritual practices of minduflness, I help them get to a place where they start to naturally and automatically use food to fuel and nourish their bodies, rather than manage their feelings.
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