Get 1:1 Support to 
Reprogram Your "Operating System" 
Around Food (finally)

Get private 1:1 coaching with me and finally reprogram and rewire your old habits and patterns with food so you can enjoy healthy consistency, freedom and peace with food!

Enjoy 90 days of private 1:1 coaching with me where together we will:

  •  Reprogram and rewire your old, stubborn habits and patterns with food;
  • ​Create a new foundation and "operating system" for you with food so that healthy choices just become part of who you are;
  • Build new healthy habits, using neuroscience as our guide, so that they become your new normal;
  • Rewire your emotional eating habits with a fantastic framework I love for building inner resilience;
  • Tap into new motivation with the help of tools like visualization;
  • ​Design a simple and practical set of tools you'll use to navigate social situations and the social pressure to sabotage yourself;
  • ​Create some beautiful and sacred self-care routines and rituals for you so that you're no longer turning to food to soothe.

Doing this alone hasn't been working, has it?

Together, you and I will unpack where you are now and step-by-step create a whole new framework and roadmap for your future!

This if for you if you...

  • Generally know what you should be eating and not eating, you struggle to actually do it consistently;
  • Know that you do better when you have some accountability, support and maybe even a little tough love every now and then;
  • Can’t seem to stop sabotaging yourself and routinely end up doing really well for a little while, and then going back to old, unhealthy patterns and habits;
  • ​Often make unhealthy choices because you’re stressed, tired, anxious, bored or just not paying attention;
  • ​Have a hard time making yourself and your health a priority.

This is NOT for you if...

  • Already eat a 100% healthy diet, exercise regularly, make time for self care every day and have built a foundation of healthy habits that keep you on track (you just want to lose more weight);
  • Aren’t ready to do the work required to start building healthy habits or to challenge your old ways of thinking (you’re looking for “magic beans”);
  • Aren’t willing to take responsibility for doing the work.

START feeling better than you have in YEARS!

What's Included:

  • 12 private 1:1 calls with me (we generally talk once a week) where together we'll dive deep into your personal "operating system" around food so we can reprogram and rewire it for good;
  • New tools and strategies for staying on track that you'll be able to keep using long after the 90 days to stay consistent; 
  •  Recordings of all our calls so you can return and listen back and not miss anything we talked about;
  • ​Contact with me in between our calls using Voxer (a free voice messaging app);
  • Recommendations on products, supplements, books, etc. where needed.

One-time payment $1497

or 3 monthly payments of $535 

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Meet Your Coach:

My name is Sara Best. I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, certified meditation instructor and the author of the book, Turning Off The Tap: Overcoming the Real Reasons We Overeat.

I’ve spent a decade helping women around the world reprogram and rewire their relationship with food.

Using techniques such as mindfulness, visualization and habit mapping I help my clients master unique brain-based tools that allow them to free themselves from their fight with food and finally enjoy consistency with healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle.