ATTENTION: night-time snackers, emotional eaters and "comfort food" lovers…
You CAN train your brain to actually LOVE
the healthy lifestyle you want!
Discover a proven (and little-known) process to actually
reprogram and rewire your relationship with food!  
What if you found a tool that made staying on track with healthy eating feel SO much easier
What if you found a tool that made staying on track with healthy eating feel SO much easier
Tell me if this sounds familiar...
You want to eat better. You know you feel better when you do.

You want to lose weight and be able to keep it off for longer than a few weeks or months.

You want to feel in control where food becomes a non-issue - simply a tool to fuel and nourish your body.

And you want to be immune to emotional eating, stress eating or the lure of "comfort" foods. 
What if instead of repeating those same old, frustrating patterns again and again you could
  • Feel confident that you had some solid tools to rely on whenever temptation hit?
  • Easily turn down the unhealthy foods – no agonizing required? 
  • Become tuned in to your body and be able to understand and honor the signals it's sending you about what to eat, and how much.
  • Happily attend any party, or visit any vacation buffet ,and know that you’d be able to stay on track with healthy choices and feel totally satisfied? 
  • See yourself six months from now as the healthy, fit, confident person you know you could be.  
Guess what? It IS possible.
Too often, our solution for our old, bad habits around food, is to focus exclusively on WHAT we’re eating or not eating...

...and we can’t understand why we find it so challenging to stay on track when we really do want to do better. 
Well, the missing piece of the puzzle lies not in WHAT we’re eating, but in WHY and HOW we’re eating.  
We’re eating because we’re stressed.
Eating because we’re tired.

Eating because we’re bored.

Eating because we’ve had a crazy busy day and we’re exhausted and we “deserve it.”

Eating because everyone else is.

Eating because we’re not paying attention.

Eating because it just looks so darn delicious. 
This is where the power of mindful eating comes in. 
Mindful eating is – without a doubt - one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal when it comes to changing our relationship with food because these practices can help you better understand, and transform, why and how you eat, so that making healthy choices each day starts to feel natural and easy.

Maybe you’ve heard of mindful eating. Maybe you’ve even thought that it sounds like a great idea. But I’m guessing you’ve never really been taught HOW to do it, or how to use the techniques to manage cravings, stress or tricky situations like restaurants, parties or travel. 
That’s why I want to introduce you to
Mindful Eating Mastery!
This is an online course that you work through entirely on your own time and at your own pace.
In this course you’ll learn
  • What mindfulness is all about
  • What mindful eating is exactly and how you can use it to transform your relationship with food
  • 6 powerful mindful eating techniques that you can start using right away (imagine no desire to binge tonight or this weekend)
  • How to use mindful eating to beat cravings (even for your favourite foods)
  • How to use mindful eating to end emotional eating
  • How to use mindful eating to stop sabotaging yourself every time you start to do better
  • How to use mindful eating to navigate tricky situations like social get-together and travel 
If you master these practices they can help you shrink your waistline, enjoy better health, and form the foundation of a new, easy and happy relationship around food.
Sound good?
You’ll leave this course with
A solid understanding of mindful eating techniques and principles so that mindful eating quickly becomes your automatic, default state – something you don’t even have to think about any more. 
A deep feeling of control and confidence in your ability to make better choices for your body and your health – no matter what’s going on around you. 

New tools that you can use whenever temptation strikes, or you find yourself in a challenging or triggering situation. 

The course includes
  • A beautifully designed course guide that will help you truly become a mindful eating master [$75]
  • 6 video modules in which I’ll personally walk you through each section of the course (we’ll do this together) [$150]
  • A workbook to help you dive deeper into each lesson [$50]
  • A short guided meditation and visualization designed specifically to help you unlock the power of meditation to transform your relationship with food [$25]
  • Lifetime access to all the material so that you can come back to it over and over again as you need [priceless] 
Total value: $300
Get Started Today
Was $300

“I really didn’t think I would be able to have a healthy relationship with food. It has always been a struggle for me, being my go-to thing when stressed, or bored or needing a break etc. Sara taught me new ways to approach these patterns so I could overcome these habits. Now I have a loving relationship – not only with food – but with myself.!”

Louise F.
This course is for you if you...
  • Are exhausted by constantly worrying and obsessing about what to eat.
  • Want to stop feeling like a failure every time you commit to staying on track and end up giving in to your cravings.
  • Are ready to have a relationship with food that feels easy.
  • Want to be able to go to a party or out for dinner with friends and simply enjoy the experience instead of fixating on what you should and shouldn’t eat.
  • Want to have a toolbox of simple, yet powerful, strategies that actually work to curb the carb cravings, stop emotional eating and late-night bingeing habits.  
This course is NOT for you if you...
  • Are happy with your current relationship with food.
  • Are just looking for another diet or workout plan.
  • Aren’t willing to explore a different way of thinking about how and why you eat.  
Are you ready to stop trying the same old things that you know haven’t worked, and finally uncover the missing piece of the puzzle?
Hi! I'm Sara Best. I’m a Holistic Nutritionist, but my clients often joke that I’m “the Nutritionist who never talks about food.”

That’s because my approach is a little different. Where most Nutritionists focus on telling you what to eat, and what not to eat, my approach is all about teaching how to go under the surface and learn how to reprogram and rewire the way your brain actually THINKS about food.

By combining the latest in neuroscience, with the ancient and spiritual principles of mindfulness, I help people reprogram and rewire their old habits and patterns around food so that the healthier choices start to feel natural, automatic and even easy! 
I created the Mindful Eating Mastery course to give you the tools you need to feel in control of food anywhere, anytime.
Sign up today and work through the material at your own pace, on your own schedule.

“My entire life I have struggled with a cycle of starving myself then binge eating. My life was consumed by food. It was all I thought about. Using her nutrition and neuroscience knowledge, Sara taught me skills that I now implement on a daily basis. The result has been nothing short of a miracle. I no longer obsess about my weight or making healthy choices. ”

Tami V.
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